Home Phone Service - USD $9.45 /month

Our quality discount home phone service provides you with free local calling across the United Stated and Canada.

Enjoy our expanded local phone service for only $9.45 /month, plus these great features:

No Contracts

No Contracts
There are never any contracts with the VoIP Much Phone Company.

Free USA Calling[3]

Free USA Calling[3]
Local calling across the United States[3] (excluding Alaska).
Free USA Calling Includes calling to US landline phones Includes calling to US mobile phones

Free Canada Calling[3]

Free Canada Calling[3]
Local calling to Canada[3] (excluding the NWT, Nunavut and Yukon).
Free Canada Calling Includes calling to Canada landline phones Includes calling to Canada mobile phones

Keep your Existing Number

Keep your Existing Phone Number / Line Number Port (LNP)
Port your number free!

VoIP Much features access to over 17,000 exchanges (rate centres) across the US and Canada, plus more than 30 countries.

Incoming Local Number (DID)

Incoming Local Number (DID)[1]
Your VoIP Much phone service includes an incoming local phone number. Port your existing number or pick a number from the city you want, from most any location across the United States, Canada, and over 50 countries.

Over 30 Free Calling Features

Free Calling Features
Over 30 calling features come free with our home phone service (Call waiting, Caller ID, Voicemail and more)...

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[1] Home Phone Service(s) come with 1 local number (DID) from any of the below listed cities.
    Additional DID's are available at an additional charge. Call for more details.
[2] E911 Included. 911 over VoIP is different, view the 911 Policy for more detail.
[3] Outbound calling is subject to normal and fair usage allowance of 2500 minutes per month and excludes
    certain call-types for which additional charges may apply. View our Service Agreement for more detail.

Includes calling to landline phones Includes calling to landlinee phones (excluding premium and specialty services).
Includes calling to mobile phones Includes calling to mobile phones.


  • A high-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL broadband)
  • A regular home phone, cordless or landline handset
  • An physical address in Canada or the US (no PO boxes)
  • A North American credit card
  • An ATA (Analog Terminal Adaptor), SIP device or softphone

Easy to setup

Simply connect an ATA (VoIP phone / analog terminal adapter) between your telephone and the internet. And you are ready.

Great low rates

VoIP Much Phone Company offers some of the lowest prices around for Internet phone service. Save today.

Expanded local calling area

VoIP Much provides an all USA local calling area.