Virtual Fax Number

Add a Virtual Fax Number from almost any city worldwide

A VoIP Much Virtual Fax Number provides you with a dedicated number in almost any city worldwide that you can receive faxes on. Faxes are received and stored in your online fax account. View your faxes, print, delete or store them online in your Fax Control Panel. Send faxes right from the online Fax Control Panel or install a driver on your PC/laptop and you can even fax directly from your computer using your Virtual Fax Number.

Virtual Fax Numbers are available from any of these locations worldwide.
Virtual Fax Numbers start at CAD $7.11 /month for a number in Canada or the United States. International fax numbers are typically CAD $17.11 /month.

* Area codes listed are for reference purposes only.
Actual numbers issued could be in any of the active area codes covering the requested city. ie: A number request for Mississauga could have an area code assignment of 1-289, 1-365, 1-742 (future) or 1-905.

Depending on the location, some DIDs may be on carrier request, Carrier requested DIDs could take 2-10 business days to assign.