Virtual PBX in the Cloud |

The VoIP Much Virtual PBX is your next generation VoIP hosted phone system in the cloud.

Your business, big or small, can have a full Virtually hosted phone system. An IVR (virtual receptionist / auto-attendant) can dramatically improve your customer experience. Customizable IVR menus, ring groups, time-of-day routing, dial-by-extension, and call transfer are just a few of the features you receive with the VoIP Much Virtual PBX.

There is no phone system (switch) hardware to purchase or maintain. Your phone system is virtual and hosted in the VoIP Much cloud.

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Our Virtual PBX pricing is simple... $17.11 per user (extension) +tax, no contract.
There is a minimum of 2 users (no maximum). With no contract, you can add and remove users as required (great for times of the year when you are busier than other times).

Your monthly rate for users (extensions) would be $ /month +tax (call for pricing over 100 users).

Your managed service would include: Free Canada & US calling, over 25 features, IVR (auto-attendant), time-of-day routing, ring-groups, call-queue, and more!

Some add-on features you may be interested in...
  • • Toll-Free Numbers (inbound from Canada and the United States) are $1 each /month plus $0.03 (3 cents) /minute usage.
  • • Virtual City Numbers and Virtual Fax Numbers are $2.45 /month per number^. Virtual numbers have no per minute (or per fax page) fees. ^Applies to Canada, US and UK numbers (Virtual Number rates vary for other countries).
  • • Clone Accounts are $1.45 /month per device^^. A Clone Account is a second device (ie: softphone) linked to an extension. Incoming calls to an extension ring to both devices and calls can be placed from both devices.
    ^^A maximum of 2 clones can be linked to each extension (for a total of 3 devices per extension). Clone accounts are designed for and best used with Softphones (your physical desk phone and mobile softphone work together to provide flexibility and mobility).

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