Virtual City Number

Have an office, friends or family in another city?

A Virtual City Number provides a number in another city... Low cost for you, local for them.

How it works...

A VoIP Much Virtual City Number provides a secondary number that rings through on your primary line.

Lets say you have a primary number in New York NY and do a lot of business in London UK. A Virtual City Number from London allows your collegues to call you on your local UK number. The call is then transparently connected to you on your primary Toronto line.

Now lets say you have family in Seattle WA, they can call you locally on a Virtual City Number from Seattle. Add as many Virtual City Numbers you wish, in as many countries as you need.

Virtual City Numbers are available from any of these locations worldwide.
Virtual numbers in the United states (and Canada) are USD $3.11 /month per number. International virtual numbers range in price, starting at USD $6.95 /month per number.

* Area codes listed are for reference purposes only.
Actual numbers issued could be in any of the active area codes covering the requested city. ie: A number request for Mississauga could have an area code assignment of 1-289, 1-365, 1-742 (future) or 1-905.

Depending on the location, some DIDs may be on carrier request, Carrier requested DIDs could take 2-10 business days to assign.