DID - Direct Inward Dial Number

What is a DID?

Most businesses have several incoming telephone numbers used for specific purposes. For example customer service, sales, etc. Some have an individual telephone number for each user in the system. In a home setting on the other hand, each telephone number comes in on a different pair of wires typically. Each telephone number is referred to as a DID.

Each VoIP Much account (home or business) comes with one phone number (DID). Addition numbers can be obtained for your account, these are referred to as a Virtual City Number of Virtual Fax Number.

DID's or Virtual City/Fax Numbers can be obtained for any of these locations:

* Area codes listed are for reference purposes only.
Actual numbers issued could be in any of the active area codes covering the requested city. ie: A number request for Mississauga could have an area code assignment of 1-289, 1-365, 1-742 (future) or 1-905.

Depending on the location, some DIDs may be on carrier request, Carrier requested DIDs could take 2-10 business days to assign.